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Michael Bernard Beckwith is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Agape is a trans-denominational community headquartered in Los Angeles comprised of thousands of local members and global live streamers.

This November marks Agape’s 33rd Anniversary. Highly regarded for his teachings on the science of inner transformation, Dr. Beckwith embraces a practical approach to spirituality utilizing meditation, affirmative prayer, and Life Visioning™, a process he originated. These practices teach us to take the experience of inner peace and awakened awareness into our everyday lives.

In 2012, Dr. Beckwith addressed the UN General Assembly during its annual World Interfaith Harmony Week. As co-founder and president of the Association for Global New Thought, he hosts conferences featuring harbingers of world peace including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and had the distinguished honor of presenting to Nelson Mandela the Gandhi King Award.

Dr. Beckwith is a sought after meditation teacher, conference speaker, and seminar leader on the Life Visioning Process™.  Three of his most recent books—LifeVisioning, Spiritual Liberation, and TranscenDance Expandedare recipients of the prestigious Nautilus Award. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network’sSuperSoul Sunday,SuperSoul Sessions, andHelp Desk;Dr. Oz;CNN,The Oprah Show;Larry King Live;Tavis Smiley;and in his own PBS Special,The Answer Is Youand is a member of Oprah’s prestigious inaugural SuperSoul 100.Oprah has named his book,Life Visioning,in the top 15 Books to Solve a Problem.Every Friday at 1pm PT, thousands tune into his radio show on KPFK,WAKE UP! The Sound of Transformation.



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Michael Beckwith eloquently unfolds the secrets of the deep inquiry for spiritual development, which leads to infinite possibilities in our lives.


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Michael Bernard Beckwith… teaches that the vision we set for our lives begins a sacred process of unfolding that unlocks everything that is unique, mighty and magnificent inside each of us.



The teachings of Michael Bernard Beckwith are very inspiring.  I livestream on a regular basis and find it comforting and healing.  He’s the real deal, and has uplifted my life.

VAN MORRISON musician, singer-songwriter

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Finding Rev. Michael was like finding a spiritual mentor. I am finding a deeper and more real experience of what God truly is and I am grateful.

Sterling k. brown

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Reverend Michael is a beacon of inspiration for all those who are graced by his insightfully deep services. He fills the soul and reminds us all why we’re here…to shine our light and live our best life.



Rev. Michael has given us a true spiritual home in Agape. We have a place for our children to grow up with acceptance and love. I am profoundly and deeply grateful.